Monthly Horoscope for July 2022

Monthly Horoscope for July 2022

Famous astrologer Gulhana Shener announced her monthly horoscope for July. The famous astrologer, who also referred to the lucky signs of July in terms of business and money, also announced some misfortunes. Here are the monthly horoscopes for July 2022.

In July, some troubles await the zodiac in general in their bilateral relations and love life. Some zodiac signs will have to take serious steps to avoid succumbing to their anger. Some horoscope groups will enter a good period in terms of money. However, in general, their love life will enter a dangerous period for many zodiac signs. Of course, if they try, nothing bad will happen.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Uranus and Mars are in your financial house during the month of July. You will pursue your goals in business with great ambition and enthusiasm. Although you love your home and family, your working life will be at the forefront. You may feel inadequate about the work you need to do, and while you are in oppressive behavior towards your environment to close this feature, you may seek material values ​​behind all kinds of power. The Full Moon occurs in your career house on July 13. You are strong enough to deal with the obstacles you will encounter. To be sure of your own truth; you will want to test your environment, you will feel much more energetic and courageous. You will prefer people with practical intelligence who will support you in choosing friends or joint works. You want to hide your feelings. Venus will be in your communication house until July 16. Later on, your family relations will gain more importance and you will spend a good time with them. A good month for health. Your irritable aspects in emotional matters can make you nervous. Despite everything, it's a beautiful month. You should do light sports and do not strain your back muscles.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Mercury will move through the three signs to give you movement. Together with the Sun, it gives movement to your environmental relations. You will see that your social life is the scene of interesting events and you will be together with important and interesting people in this movement. Within the framework of these group activities, you will get together with people with the same views on the axis of the same goals. You can lay the foundation for future friendships. The steps you take within the framework of logic can be diverted from their course by the influence of marginal minded people. The thoughts of these people, which seem utopian to you at first, may cause you to be bored later, you should be careful! The presence of such people can leave you with conflicting thoughts about reliable friendships. You may find it difficult to decide on the subject. You continue to receive positive influences from Jupiter in your spiritual house. Mars moves into your personal house on July 6th. Retro Uranus gives you a sense of adventure, and you can go overboard with your requests and experience a relationship confusion on the basis of love and flirting. You will sign many organizations and have a special place on the opposite sex. You can mix work and love. Jupiter is born in your home house on July 28. It's the right time to review your relationships. you will show the marrow. As long as you control your anger, your health will not be a problem. Within the framework of spiritual issues, you should look at the events from a broad perspective in a way that will make you comfortable.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Until July 18, Venus is in your personal house and love surrounds you. Be prepared for surprise loves. In your social life, you can benefit from increased personal attractiveness. In these types of ambient conversations, you will bring up popular topics. Keep your common sense and calm. When you act in this way, you will successfully emerge from difficult positions that will arise, a period when your physical energy is strong. If you do not want to have wrong relationships, you should choose the right time and people. You should avoid associations that will waste your time. Although you will perform more resilient and hardworking, you will have difficulty expressing your emotions. You paint a dominant portrait in your relationships. You may feel suffocated by your own energy because of your desire to instantly do whatever you put your mind to. You should enjoy the pleasure of freeing yourself. You may be confused when issues related to foreign countries come to the fore. You will be with people who will affect you in your social circle and you will engage in collaborative work. You should review your financial possibilities and capacities. It is possible for you to falter in the face of changing conditions forcing you, be careful. You should have routine check-ups about your health. If you are planning a new beginning and a new lifestyle, you should use this period well.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

On July 6, Mars will begin its transit in the eleventh house. You will be involved in activities such as business friendships, group work, and in line with your personal satisfaction. If you do not act flexibly in such group work; You may get reactions against your thoughts and you may encounter problems in your joint work. You may need to develop tactics against some opposing thoughts. While you will be able to express your thoughts fluently, you will bring your persuasion ability to the agenda and make applications in line with your wishes. Being in deep thoughts and having a strong analytical ability will attract the attention of your environment. You perceive the thoughts of the other person. You will be constructive, strong, but controlling in your relationships. On July 13, the Full Moon takes place in your house of opposite relationships. Mercury will be in conjunction with the Sun until July 19. Venus transits your personal and physical house. You can experience emotional togetherness with an attractive strong person. You will also be lucky in making money on July 28th. By following your work well, you will maintain your behavior in discipline. Many of you will combine your success in financial matters with environmental factors and enter into joint cooperation. Do not lose your control over the group dinners you will attend. You should be careful while traveling and act cautiously against accidents.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You are at war with yourself. Your self-confidence can mislead you. Even if your appreciated personal efforts motivate you, you may not find exactly what you expected. This month, you should be more flexible, complete your missing work, and use the old ones wisely instead of creating new opportunities. Throughout the month, Mars will stay in your spiritual house and open up foreign matters to you. Family and home will move forward in your house. Saturn will continue retrograde in your opposite house and will create confusion. Communication, communication, detailed works, mistakes, omissions and forgetfulness will increase. However, this will enable you to evaluate the situation more clearly, and you will solve intractable problems by acting more economically. If you are in partnership this period; You will not want to be alone, and you will cooperate with people who are idealistic and have a managerial spirit, and you will also show your reactions in the face of injustice. As a result of some emotional conflicts with your long-time friends, you may end your relations or fall into separate environments with a loved one. While Saturn retrograde during the month is controlling your emotional balance, you may witness the feelings of someone who has been interested in you for a long time. Again, you will have the opportunity to rehabilitate your friendships that have deteriorated in your social life, and you will enter a period of deep dissolution. During this period, you should take care of your skin, bones and skeletal system.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Jupiter and Mars transit your house of change and finance. Your efforts in line with your intuition will be rewarded and you will display prudent behavior in how money resources are used. You will benefit from the financial possibilities of your partner. Your counter finance house is strong; By making your style more specific in this matter, you will be aware of 'what you want' from the other party and you will insist on fulfilling some of your conditions. You should prefer to remain silent on matters related to yourself and be critical towards your environment. When you get away from fixed thoughts, you feel better. You know that your stubborn nature is hurting yourself. You can overcome this situation, which is not suitable for changes in your social environment and new beginnings, by relieving your longing with your old friends. You must continue to maintain your old terms. You need friends who will want to improve yourself and motivate you. As your sense of helping increases, you may go overboard with pleasures. You work wonders in your creativity. In the face of negativities, you also take a reticent attitude. Loves that support your financial issues will come to the fore. You will get help from your friends when you are indecisive. Your social position may rise. During the month, your health home will give you a great chance.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

This month, you show up with your assertive attitudes and you want to do remarkable work in society. To satisfy your egos, you must wisely use the opportunities that will come your way. You approach events with a managerial attitude. You should think before saying no to the offers that your well-meaning friends will offer you. You are in a favorable period to seize the opportunities you expect in material matters and to expand your business opportunities. Just don't forget the risks. By concentrating on your wishes and desires, such as your goals and successful work in distant countries, you shape your life process with firm steps, and you approach patiently without giving up. The setbacks you will experience in correspondence and communication will also be reflected in your partnership relations. You will seize many opportunities related to your finance house and use your money wisely. You will come across many opportunities and alternatives. You will choose the moments when you will use your energy correctly. This month, try to get the opinions of your friends about some problems in your close relationships. On July 19, the career will move into your house. On July 23, the Sun enters Leo, influencing your 11th house of communication. You will use your spoken language very well. You are very sensitive about health this month. Your health may be sensitive as Neptune will be in retrograde position in your Health house throughout the month.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

On July 6, Mars moves into your opposition house. It moves with Uranus. Your love life will be the scene of very interesting developments. your lover will be by your side and will make you happy, and will not spare their help, especially in financial matters. You will be pleased with the important supportive behavior of the people you will talk to and share your shares with. If you do not want a fight between you this month, instead of staying alone with your lover, you should offer to participate in social activities together. You can get rid of discussing your problems and get through this period with ease. You can change the meaning of your life on the days of July 5-19, as the Sun and Mercury will be at home that reflects your ideals and journeys covering distant roads. On July 13, the Full Moon will take place in your communication house. The people you agree with will be the right people for you. While your spiritual aspects will come to the fore, you will approach your surroundings in an instructive way and become a natural teacher of life. As a result, remember that your life energy will become stronger. Your inner child will be revealed. Venus will be in your opposite financial house until July 18. On July 23, the Sun moves into your career house. You will shape and evaluate the events happening around you with your own truths. Although your health problem does not appear during the month; You may experience tension-related blood pressure changes due to the intense emotions you experience.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Saturn Neptune and Pluto retrograde during the moon. The re-emergence of your old relationships that you will encounter in the communities you will enter and being influenced by these people will give you movement. But still, you should not lose sight of the precaution. You should stay away from environments where arguments and hurtful conversations can occur. While implementing your plans, you will act politely, gracefully, elegantly but persistently. Your energy pushes you to influence your environment. You will have a successful work on the subjects you will focus on. On July 13, the Full Moon takes place in your own financial house. You can set up a team that will earn you money. They will love and respect you around you. This will be a good advantage for you. Until July 23, the sun is very strong in your opposite financial house. Do not forget that you may make mistakes in your social relations, which are revived by the positive aspect between the Sun and Neptune, due to the reverse movement of Saturn. Keep the work flow under control by considering the possible bad developments in your good works. Your emotions are very important thanks to Venus and the sun in your sun eighth house. Do not forget that retro Saturn can mislead you. Desire, power and setbacks are at your doorstep. A critical situation. Pluto is going retrograde in your financial house this month. You should focus on investment. You may have to deal with the health of the elderly members of your family.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

On July 6, Mars moves through your love and social house. You will feel the power of Uranus and Mars. The ceiling of your desires is high and the increase in these wishful demands will increase the intensity of your sense of responsibility and you will do things that will bring you to the fore. Your love life will be quite colorful this month. You should be tolerant of many issues that you cannot adapt to with your partner. you are In short, there is a sweet approach to your enthusiasm relationships. You will take care that the people you will meet or cooperate with are strong and have a career. You learn maturity in love. The Sun in your opposite house indicates that you will be in strong relationships, but since Pluto is retrograde in your personal house, if you are seeking high positions, you should be careful and choose to wait rather than fight the problems that come your way. Take care not to act otherwise in your business life. You are working towards your goals, which stems from your high research instinct. Your opponent does not know, but you manage to hide this feature. Even if you don't have many questions about health, you may want to change yourself spiritually. You should stay away from activities that will impair your quality of life.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

In the first days of the month, you will not like to share your feelings. After July 6, Mars will move with Uranus. In general, your subconscious thoughts about your personality will be in the foreground. On July 12, the Full Moon forms in your spiritual house and is accompanied by Pluto. You prefer to go quietly and deeply in your relationships. This is the period when you should stop scrutinizing things. You should bring up many points that you missed in your plans and review the small details once again. You have a secret resentment towards your past. Your subconscious mind creates tension for you at unnecessary moments. Your secret jealousies never leave you. You are aware of your mistakes. Keep yourself closed against external factors, which will negatively affect your generally calm structure. The sun will be present in your work and health home until 23 July. You want strong people to accompany you around you. Be prepared for offers from your old workplace. You will see Venus energy in your love house until July 18th. Although you look quite healthy, do not go overboard with nutrition. You should not stay on your feet for a long time and you should prefer sports that relax you lightly.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

On July 6, Mars is in your communication house. There may be some problems between you and your siblings and close relatives. You are very successful in communication and give a positive image to your environment. By signing successful works, you will provide moral satisfaction in your work. There may be an emotional attraction between you and people from the same profession in activities that will reveal your intellectual aspects. Along with a lively and dynamic emotional life, loves about small and close ways will come to the fore. Changing circumstances as Neptune favors your personal home; It can make you make wrong decisions. An offer that appeals to you at first may cause undesirable results later on. Don't let Neptune fool you. Venus moves through your family house, while Mercury and the sun move through your love and social house. Planets are transiting each other. You will have difficulties in expressing yourself because of your thoughts that are contrary to your family. Even though you don't project it into your outer world, it's pretty confused in your head. You should not create an unnecessary discussion environment with the people you agree with. You are emotionally affected very quickly and make quick decisions. Not everyone may agree with you. You are in a period where you can get help from your friends. Your health planet supports you this month. You have to take care of your skeletal system.

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