The countdown has begun for the coronation of King Charles

The countdown has begun for the coronation of King Charles

Preparations for the coronation of King Charles III in London, the capital of England, have been completed.

Preparations for tomorrow's coronation of King Charles III of England have come to an end. The people of London show great interest in the ceremony, which will have great repercussions throughout England.

For the coronation ceremony that will start tomorrow morning, many British people waiting in the area where the parade will be held will experience the happiness of witnessing the historical moment.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth in September 2022, rehearsals were completed before the coronation of King Charles, who took the throne.

While photos of King Charles were hung in workplaces, homes and streets in England, the surroundings of Buckingham Palace were also decorated and prepared for the ceremony. As part of the coronation preparations, Westminster Cathedral, Big Ben Clock Tower and Houses of Parliament were projected to commemorate the royal family. Extraordinary security measures were taken across London for the historic day.

King Charles will ascend to the throne with a ceremony tomorrow, which he has been waiting for 64 years as heir. After leaving Buckingham Palace, the King will reach Westminster Cathedral after a 40-minute walk with the cortege, where he will be crowned with a ceremony.

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