Young Gay Couple Suicide in Armenia Because Of 'Intolerance'

Young Gay Couple Suicide in Armenia Because Of 'Intolerance'

According to an LGBTQ+ group announced; A young gay couple in Armenia committed suicide because of "intolerance towards them".

According to the news announced by an LGBTQ+ group; Tigran and Arsen couple committed suicide in Armenia due to 'intolerance'.

According to the report of PinkNews; The couple, whose names are Tigran and Arsen, shared a series of photos on their social media accounts on Thursday, October 20, before their tragic death.

Below the photos of the couple exhibiting their kissing and engagement rings; “Happy ending. The decisions about sharing the photos and our next steps were made by both of us.” he harrowing caption read.

Armenian LGBTQ+ group Pink Armenia later reported that two people committed suicide in the country's capital, Yerevan.

Pink Armenia made a statement about the tragic event; “LGBT people are very familiar with the feeling of isolation and misunderstanding of family and society. This tragic incident proves once again that LGBT people in Armenia are not safe and not protected by society or the state.”

Discrimination in Armenia

Homosexuality has been legal in Armenia since 2003, but as of 2022, the country is near the end of its annual Rainbow Map, which ranks the best countries for LGBTQ+ rights in Europe.

At the bottom, along with Azerbaijan and Turkey, on a scale that takes into account equality, hate crime, legal gender recognition and more, Armenia is considered to score only eight percent safety for LGBTQ+ individuals.

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