What is California Syndrome? You can have California Syndrome without feeling abnormal...

What is California Syndrome? You can have California Syndrome without feeling abnormal...

California Syndrome, which is caused by technological developments and financial situations, turned out to be observed in almost many people today. So what is California Syndrome? What are the symptoms of California Syndrome? Let's see together.

California Syndrome, where people live to consume life; It can be defined as a vicious circle in which he tries to get rid of the tiredness that arises while producing, consuming and having fun, by having fun again. You may have caught the California Syndrome, which takes its name from the state where the richest people live in the USA, without realizing it.

The Happiness of Consuming

We hear about new phobias, diseases and syndromes from scientists day by day. California syndrome is actually one of them. In fact, the essence of the matter is innocent, understandable, useful and based on justified reasons. In return for the growth and wealth power brought by working, producing and earning money; We can admire the happiness of owning, enjoying, and consuming commodities. Some say, 'What's wrong with trying to live a life like this forever?' he may ask. But at its core, we're talking about an insanely high-capital welfare society.

You Can Be Busy With A Shiny Life

The syndrome is rooted in the fact that the pleasure-oriented, self-centered, and consumption-oriented lifestyle is being cut off from the majority as a very small part of community life. Although California is a state of the USA, it is described as "California syndrome" in reference to its separation from the rest of the world in terms of wealth and lifestyle.

Having Difficulty Empathizing

The state of not caring about others, seeing oneself as the center of the universe; Unfortunately, it can lead to the destruction of social and human values. As a result of the California syndrome, productivity is also overlooked over time, and daily lives can become barren, with a focus on more 'everyday' environments of entertainment and pleasure.

California Syndrome Is Making People Lonely

Over time, a person may experience loneliness, loss of meaning and pleasure in the crowd, and may come to the point of physical and psychological exhaustion; suicidal behavior may occur. This reminds us and describes the pain and desperation of Captain Barbosa and his crew in Pirates of the Caribbean that, despite being undead, powerful, and very rich, any eternity, including immortality, does not give pleasure in time. as "damned".

Enriching one's life with individual and social goals without waiting for physical and mental fatigue is an important and valuable option. In short, it is possible to end this vicious circle by living in order to keep someone else alive.

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