The US speaks of this claim: Washington cooperated with the "enemy"

The US speaks of this claim: Washington cooperated with the "enemy"

The USA was shaken by the news of the Washington Post. The statements of a senior US defense official, who made statements to the newspaper, became the agenda throughout the country.

The United States faced a new disclosure before it was over the shock created by the leaked Pentagon documents.

The news of the Washington Post, one of the country's leading newspapers, created a shock wave in the country. With the statement of a senior US defense official speaking to the newspaper, it was revealed that the US was cooperating with the 'enemy'.

Afghanistan has become a haven for Daesh-K terrorists since the abrupt US withdrawal in 2021.

According to the statement in question, the new Taliban government has found an unexpected ally in the fight against the jihadists: the United States.

It is understood from the statements that the Taliban and the USA, which were once enemies, acted together to fight against DAESH-K.

The headline of the New York Post, who shared the words of the official, who did not want to be named, that "It is a fact that the Taliban is putting pressure on DAESH-K operationally," with its readers, said, "After a disastrous retreat, the United States and the Taliban are joining forces to fight against DAESH in Afghanistan."

The leaked Pentagon documents contained information that the terrorist organization was preparing a series of actions targeting the USA and Europe.

Source: Washington Post - New York Post

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