The final decision in the FOX NEWS confession case has been announced

The final decision in the FOX NEWS confession case has been announced

The US Fox News channel has agreed to pay $787 million to the Dominion company, which produces the voting system, due to allegations of fraud in the 2020 elections.

Immediately after the election, many commentators appeared on Fox News, arguing that former President Donald Trump won the election, but Joe Biden was shown as the winner by cheating in the voting system.

Thereupon, the Dominion administration decided to file a lawsuit for damages of $ 1.6 billion on the grounds that they were slandered.

However, the parties went to out-of-court settlement just before the hearings began.

Without the deal, Fox News executive Rupert Murdoch may have had to testify in court along with several other famous presenters.

"This compromise demonstrates how committed we are to journalistic standards," Fox said after the deal was announced.

"Fox admitted to lying. My company has been hurt a lot by these lies," said Dominion executive John Poulos.

"Lies have consequences," said Justin Nelson, Dominion's attorney.


During the investigation, it was revealed that Fox executives and journalists questioned the reality of the conspiracy theories, but continued to bring the commentators who voiced them to television.


Despite the large sums to be paid, some lawyers think the deal is in Fox's favour.

Professor of freedom of expression and communication at Syracuse University. Roy Gutterman says Fox's post-election news has been publicly criticized:

“This trial, which is expected to last six weeks without a settlement, would be embarrassing for all the defendants and Fox.''

"A decision against Fox would have done more damage to the channel than that."

Fox is facing another lawsuit demanding $2.7 billion from Smartmatic, another election technology company.

Dominion has also sued other channels besides Fox, which it claims has slandered the company with conspiracy theories.

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