The European Parliament's 'parole' decision on the key name of the 'corruption' case

The European Parliament's 'parole' decision on the key name of the 'corruption' case

It has been reported that a parole decision has been issued for former EP member Antonio Panzeri, who was imprisoned as part of the corruption scandal that broke out in the European Parliament (EP).

It has been announced that former EP member Italian politician Antonio Panzeri, who was detained as part of the corruption and money laundering investigation launched by the Belgian police and judicial authorities on December 9, 2022 and has been detained in Brussels since then, can be released on parole provided that he carries an electronic wristband.

Panzeri's lawyer Laurent Kennes said in a statement regarding the decision taken for his client, "This decision will be implemented in a few days. He will be wearing an electronic wristband in the residence where he will continue."

He Had Come To An Agreement With The State And Became A Confessor

It was announced that Antonio Panzeri, who was detained and subsequently arrested as part of the corruption investigation that shook the European Parliament (EP) and European Union (EU) institutions, made an agreement with the Belgian authorities during the detention process and within this scope. If he agreed, he would get some benefits in exchange for contributing to the investigation as a confessor.


Former EP Deputy Chairman Eva Kaili, who was arrested as part of the same investigation and is still in prison, and former Belgian EP member Marc Tarabella, who was arrested after his immunity was lifted, are still in prison. Belgium's judicial authorities, which repeatedly denied the request for release by Kaili and Tarabella's lawyers, gave an order for release for Panzeri, who played a key role in the investigation, and shocked Brussels.

While no comment has been made by the EU authorities regarding the decision, it is not known whether similar decisions will be made about other detainees still in prison within the scope of the investigation.

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