The dead body of the Colombian celebrity was found in a suitcase! Everyone is in shock!

The dead body of the Colombian celebrity was found in a suitcase! Everyone is in shock!

The lifeless body of DJ Trespalacios, one of the popular names of social media in Colombia, was found in a garbage container in the capital of the country, Bogota.

The body of the 23-year-old woman, whose real name is Valentina Trespalacios, was found hidden in a suitcase at the bottom of the garbage container.

After determining the identity of the young woman, the police contacted her surroundings. When her family said that Valentina had been with her boyfriend since Saturday, January 21, their eyes were turned to the young woman's lover, John Poulos.


35 Years Old, Married, Father of 3 Children and A Us Citizen

It was learned that John Poulos, 35, married and father of 3 children, is a US citizen. Friends of the Colombian DJ said that the couple had been together for a while and that Poulos was planning to leave his wife and marry Valentina.


After the investigation initiated by the police, the suspect was caught in Panama and handed over to Colombia. Denying the accusations against him, Poulos claimed that he fled the country due to the pursuit of the Medellin cartel in Colombia and that the cartel killed his girlfriend.

Security Camera Images Revealed

Colombian police announced that the body of the unfortunate young woman was found in a locked blue suitcase. Security camera footage of John Poulos emerged, while some personal belongings of the woman were found in the suitcase.


In the images that fell on social media, it is seen that the man carried the suitcase with the carrier and then placed it in the trunk of his car.

Forensic Medicine Preliminary Investigation Report Announced

The Colombian Forensic Medicine Institute has released its preliminary investigation report, which states that Valentina Trespalacios suffocated the young woman and showed signs of violence on her body before she died.

The Bogotá Department of Security has announced that Poulos is on trial and is preparing to appear in court. The head of the security department, Carlos Fernando Triana, announced a reward of 20 million pesos for information that will help shed light on crime.

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