Tesla Is Out Of Control Again! 2 People Killed, 3 Injured

Tesla Is Out Of Control Again! 2 People Killed, 3 Injured

Tesla got out of control in China, causing horror. The driver, who completely lost control, could only stop by hitting the wall.

There was another case of getting out of control in the autonomous and electric vehicle Tesla, where Elon Musk is the CEO.

The accident that occurred in Chaozhou, China, shocked everyone. When the brakes of the Tesla Y model electric vehicle did not hold, the driver crushed the one in front of him and managed to stop by hitting the wall. The 55-year-old Chinese driver said in his first statement that the brake pedal did not work and he lost control. The statement made by the company was surprising.

Two People Died in the Accident

A new one has been added to the accident news of the Y Model vehicles produced by the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla in China. The 55-year-old Chinese driver killed two people and injured three others by plunging into the crowd with the vehicle whose brakes failed. Images on social media show the vehicle running uncontrollably, crushing two people.

Tesla Launches Review

Launching an investigation into the incident, Tesla examined the footage of the accident. In the first statement made by the company, it is said that it is clearly seen in the images that the brake lights do not turn on.

Taking the subject into technical review, the Tesla team noted that it will check all the data and share it with the Chinese police, considering the possibility that the driver may not press the brake pedal.

This Accident Is Not The First

Similar accidents have occurred in the Chinese city of Nanchong in the past months. Accidents due to self-acceleration in Tesla Y model vehicles produced in China prompted the manufacturer and went as far as to share the stored driving data from the drivers with the public. Three people died in the crash in Nanchong.

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