Surprise visit from US President Biden to Ukraine

Surprise visit from US President Biden to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden has arrived in the country's capital, Kiev, for his first visit to Ukraine since the Russian invasion nearly a year ago.

While the eyes of the world have been on Ukraine since February 24, 2022, the surprise visit of US President Joe Biden to Ukraine caused confusion in the world press.

While the war, which started with the attack of Russia, continued at full speed, a surprise move came from US President Joe Biden. According to the BBC's Breaking News, US President Biden made a surprise visit to Kiev.

Biden met with President of Ukraine Zelensky at Mariinsky Palace

Zelenski shared his photo with Biden with the note 'Welcome to Kiev' Your visit is a sign of extremely important support for all Ukrainians'.

First Statement From Zekenski And Biden

Zelenski stated that long-range weapons were on the agenda at the summit. Biden announced his new aid package to Ukraine in Kiev.

Underlining that the new aid package is worth 500 million dollars, Biden said that the package in question contains HIMARS ammunition.

Details Will Be Announced Tomorrow

The US President reported that the details of the new package will be announced on Tuesday. Biden also announced that he would provide billions of dollars in emergency budget support to the Ukrainian government.

Biden said that Putin's plan of attack on Ukraine was 'clearly wrong' and used the following expressions, 'He trusted that we would not stick to each other. He thought he could outlast us. I don't think you're thinking about that right now.'

Biden's unplanned visit to Kiev, which was shared on his route to go to Poland, drew attention.

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