Successive Armed Assault in the USA! Terrible times in the USA...

Successive Armed Assault in the USA! Terrible times in the USA...

14 people died as a result of gun attacks in California and Flori, USA.

It was a night of nightmares in the state of California, USA. Six people were killed by gunfire at a house in the Boudreaux district.

According to the news in the US press; It was reported that a baby was among the dead as a result of the attack.

The Tulare County Sheriff's Office announced that they had received a report of an armed attack at around 3.30 am. Investigators are said to be looking for at least two suspects. Authorities are investigating the gangs that committed their murders.

Attack in Florida too

A memorial event was held on the occasion of Martin Luther King Jr.'s day at Ilous Ellis Park, located in the ruins of Fort Pierce in Florida, USA.

In a statement from the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office; It was stated that an armed attack was carried out on the event area. St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office Deputy Chief Brian Hester said that fire was opened over "some sort of disagreement" and 8 people were injured, 1 critically. Stating that the police launched an investigation into the attack, Hester also stated that it was emphasized that the incident may have been carried out by more than one attacker.

Hester also described it as sad that such an event took place at the ceremony commemorating a person who works for peace and equality.

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