Scientists Make a Discovery That Will Destroy Plastic

Scientists Make a Discovery That Will Destroy Plastic

Scientists have made a discovery that will enable the natural disposal of plastic thrown into nature.

Scientists have made a great discovery that will enable the plastic thrown into nature to be destroyed 'naturally'. According to the research, plastic waste, which takes hundreds of years to dissolve in nature, can be destroyed in a few hours thanks to some enzymes found in waxworms.

Spanish scientists suggested at the end of their research that waxworms could be a solution for the disposal of plastic waste.

Molecular biologist Federica Bertocchini and her team discovered that certain enzymes found in waxworms can cause plastic to naturally break down.

Disappears in a Few Hours

Scientists have discovered that waxworms' two enzymes, "demetra" and "ceres," destroy the polyethylene found in most plastic products within a few hours at room temperature.

Disappeared in the Centuries

Plastic waste, which plays a leading role in environmental pollution, remains in nature for centuries. While the Pet Bottle disappears in nature in 400 years, it takes 500 years for a plastic plate and at least 1000 years for a plastic bag.

The research was published in the journal Nature.

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