Scandalous Flight! Disabled Passenger Creeped Out Of The Plane

Scandalous Flight! Disabled Passenger Creeped Out Of The Plane

The terrible incident experienced by a disabled young woman in a wheelchair at the Australian airline Jetstar became the agenda on social media. The young woman had to get off the plane by her own efforts.

The horrific treatment of a young woman with a disability who flew from Queensland, Australia, to Thailand's capital, Bangkok, had a huge impact on social media.

Young woman Natalie Curtis described her experiences on Facebook with the caption "The most humiliating experience of my life".

According to the news in 7NEWS; Having to use a wheelchair, Natalie brought her own wheelchair for the trip from Singapore to Bangkok with the Australian airline Jetstar. But the chair was too big to fit in the closet. She used the chair that was brought for her as she boarded the plane. When she landed in Bangkok, the young woman who asked the staff for a wheelchair to get off the plane was shocked by the response she received. Aircraft personnel said that the disabled woman can use the wheelchair only for a fee.

Natalie refused to pay the requested fee, stating that she was never asked for money on any of her travels.

She Got Off The Plane Crawling In Her Hands

The young woman, who could not agree with the cabin crew about the wheelchair, crawled on her hands to get off the plane.

Speaking to 7NEW, Natalie said; "The staff just watched. The only way left for me was to crawl on my hands and get off the plane.''

Images Became the Agenda on Social Media

The young woman, who learned that a part of her body was paralyzed and therefore confined to a wheelchair, created an indignation with her images on the plane. Social media users criticized the airline with harsh words.

Jetstar Airlines spokesperson made a statement about the incident; "We apologize unconditionally to Ms. Curtis for the experience she had while traveling with us. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable travel experience for all of our customers, including those who need special assistance."

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