Record temperatures are being recorded in different parts of the world

Record temperatures are being recorded in different parts of the world

Earlier this week, it was announced that temperatures in Wuhan and Beijing were recorded about 10 degrees above seasonal normals. It was emphasized that 40 and 39.5 degrees were experienced in the two cities that broke the record in Argentina.

The Chinese Meteorological Department announced earlier this week that temperatures in the cities of Beijing, Wuhan and Zhengzhou were recorded about 10 degrees above normal in March.

Authorities said that a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius was recorded in Wuhan on Monday, 12 degrees above the normal for March. Temperatures in Beijing and surrounding cities reached 25 degrees Celsius.

Record Temperatures in Argentina

Record temperatures were recorded in Argentina, located in the Southern Hemisphere and experiencing the autumn season.

Argentina's National Meteorological Service stated that the country was in a heat wave in February, when the summer season was experienced, and that record temperatures were recorded on February 12, well above the seasonal normals.

The authorities stressed that the temperatures recorded in some cities in February were between 39.5 and 40.6 degrees Celsius. In Argentina, which entered the autumn season with March, it was stated that 40 degrees in Nueve de Julio and 39.5 degrees in El Palomar on March 2 were a new record.

Weather Conditions Have Changed in England

The UK Meteorological Service (MET) predicted in December last year that 2023 would be one of the hottest years on record. Officials stated that this year will be between 1.08 and 1.32 degrees warmer than in the 1900s.

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