Pablo Escobar's hippo died in a car accident

Pablo Escobar's hippo died in a car accident

After the death of Colombian world-famous drug dealer Pablo Escobar, one of the hippos, which has multiplied rapidly in the Medellin region over the years, died in a traffic accident yesterday.

4 Hippos, which were found in the personal zoo of Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar and were released into the wild after his death in 1993, have multiplied rapidly over the years, exceeding 130, posing a danger to the people of the region.

The fate of the hippos occupied the world's agenda and the last 70 of them were sent to Mexico and India.

One of the hippos living on the banks of the Magdalena River between Medellin and Bogota was hit by a vehicle on the asphalt road last night.

Authorities announced that the hippopotamus died at the scene and the driver of the vehicle was slightly injured.

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