New Coins With Portrait Of King Charles III Unveiled

New Coins With Portrait Of King Charles III Unveiled

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's new coins with the portrait of Prince Charles, who ascended the throne as King Charles III, were exhibited. Here are the codes for the portrait of the king...

29 billion coins in circulation in the UK bear the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The final design of these was done in 2015 and included the 88-year-old portrait of the queen. This was the fifth portrait of the Queen to be used on coins during her 70 years on the throne.

When England's new monarch, King Charles III, succeeds his mother on the throne, coins, stamps and passports bearing the queen's portrait will change in the country.

The King Charles III coin was introduced by the Royal Mint.


A specially designed portrait of King Charles III is featured on the 50p (half pound) coins, which show the profile of the new monarch and will go into circulation before Christmas.

Starting in December, the British will no longer see a picture of their deceased queen on their coin, but a picture of their new king.

The Royal Mint reported that the printed portrait was personally approved by Charles.


The portrait of King Charles III will face left, unlike that of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to tradition, the money portraits of each new monarch should be reorientated. In other words, Queen Elizabeth II's face on coins will face right, while Charles 3 will face left on coins.

Chris Barker of the Royal Mint Museum explains this tradition:

“Charles followed our general tradition of British coins. This is a tradition going back to Charles II, where the monarch looked in the opposite direction of his predecessor."

The exception was King Edward VIII, who preferred to face left in his portrait. According to tradition, II. Elizabeth's father, King VI. Elizabeth. It was reinstated when George ascended the throne.


Chris Barker, in charge of the Royal Mint Museum, described the new portrait of Charles as dignified and elegant, reflecting his years of service.

The Latin inscription on the coin surrounding the portrait of King Charles III reads: 'CHARLES III. DG REX. F.D. 5 pounds. 2022'

These words are 'Blessed King Charles III, Defender of the Faith'. means.

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