'Mysterious' disease panic in North Korea! The capital has been quarantined.

'Mysterious' disease panic in North Korea! The capital has been quarantined.

The disease, which is claimed to be a mysterious respiratory disease that spreads rapidly in North Korea, alarmed the authorities. A curfew was declared in the capital Pyongyang.

A 5-day quarantine decision was taken due to the rapid spread of a mysterious respiratory disease that started in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

Stay Home, Check Your Temperature

According to the news of Seoul-based NK News; The government did not mention the coronavirus in its announcement and asked residents to stay at home until Sunday and check their temperatures several times a day.

According to the news in the local press; After the government's announcement, residents flocked to the markets, stocking up on food and supplies.

It is Not Clear If It is Applied in Other Regıons

It is not yet clear how many people the mysterious disease has affected so far. No official statement has been made on whether a curfew will be implemented in other regions except the capital.

They Confirmed The Coronavirus in 2022

North Korea, which rejected Kovid-19 for a long time and used the name 'fever disease' in the coronavirus pandemic that affected the whole world, first accepted the epidemic in 2022, but declared its victory against the disease in August.

Lacking testing tools, the country has never disclosed how many people have contracted the disease.

While the state media reported on the measures taken to combat respiratory diseases, including the flu, no statement was made regarding the 5-day isolation decision.

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