Mysterious Case of Pneumonia in Argentina, 3 Dead

Mysterious Case of Pneumonia in Argentina, 3 Dead

A mysterious case of pneumonia of unknown origin has been reported in Argentina that has killed three people. It was reported that nine people were infected and three people died.

Three people have died after the mysterious pneumonia was detected in nine people in Argentina. The Ministry of Health in Argentina's Tucuman province announced that three people who were hospitalized in Argentina from bilateral pneumonia (pneumonia affecting both lungs) died, and doctors are trying to find out what caused the disease.

Mysterious Pneumonia Symptoms

It was stated that patients with mysterious pneumonia complained of fever, abdominal pain, shortness of breath and muscle aches.

A total of nine people were affected by pneumonia, including a patient and eight healthcare workers in the intensive care unit of a private hospital in San Miguel de Tucumán. When the disease emerged, the clinic was closed for seven days.

Doctors said tests ruled out coronavirus, flu, hantavirus and 30 other possible causes.

Health officials in the province continue to test blood, sputum and urine samples for all viruses and bacteria they can test.

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