King Charles III Makes His Judgment for Prince Harry

King Charles III Makes His Judgment for Prince Harry

Britain's new monarch, King Charles III, has implicitly announced a decision that closely concerns Prince Harry. Just one day after the release date of his son's book was announced, a flash move came from the King.

Prince Harry, who has been cold winds for a long time with his family, is with his grandmother, Queen II. After Elizabeth's death, he returned to his country and gradually resolved his problems with his family.

The development that shocked Prince Harry, who was given special permission for the Queen's funeral and was able to wear his military uniform, took place today.

According to the news in the British Daily Mail newspaper; The country's new ruler, King Charles III, has made his decision for Prince Harry.

King Charles replaces Prince Harry as Commander of the Royal Marines.

The decision was announced on the day the Royal Marines celebrated their 358th anniversary.

"It's the greatest pleasure possible to take on this role," King wrote in his message.

The British press pointed out that the decision came a day after it was announced that Prince Harry's book would be released on January 10.

Prince Harry's 416-page book will be published in 16 languages. The book is expected to contain many unknown details about the Royal Family.

With his decision in February 2020, Prince Harry, who left all his official duties, including Commander of the Royal Marines, left the royal family and moved to the USA to start a new life with his wife, has not attended royal invitations since.

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