Just Stop Oil Founder Roger Hallam Arrested

Just Stop Oil Founder Roger Hallam Arrested

Roger Hallam, the founder of the climate activist Just Stop Oil group, who wanted to raise awareness about the climate crisis by organizing different attacks on world-famous works in museums in different parts of the world, was detained.

Roger Hallam, the founder of Just Stop Oil, a climate activist who made a name for himself with his actions, was reportedly detained.

Hallam, 56, was detained yesterday in the capital, London, on charges of conspiring to bring traffic to a standstill and disturb the public after closing the M25 highway to traffic.

The group closed the UK's busiest motorway to traffic yesterday, and traffic stopped at many intersections in London, Surrey and Kent during the actions carried out at 7 different points of the M25 motorway. Climbing the signs on the roads, the demonstrators were taken down by the police in about an hour.

677 Arrests in Climate Actions

Climate activist group Just Stop Oil has been recorded to have carried out approximately 32 actions since September, and the UK's Metropolitan Police Service announced that 677 people had been arrested and 111 were prosecuted.

The group has previously attacked artworks, painted UK institution buildings orange and staged protests outside the Prime Minister's residence.

Britain had launched a new licensing campaign to allow oil and gas companies to explore fossil fuels in the North Sea.

It is stated that approximately 900 regions have been bid, and the North Sea Transition Authority will grant more than 100 licenses to companies that will extract oil and gas in the region. Climate activists are demanding that these discoveries and licenses be revoked.

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