Incredible decision in Italy! NGO ships rescuing migrants will be pushed to the open sea

Incredible decision in Italy! NGO ships rescuing migrants will be pushed to the open sea

The new government in Italy adopted the decision that prevented a ship belonging to the non-governmental organization (NGO), which rescues irregular migrants in the Mediterranean, from docking at Italian ports.

The Council of Ministers convened under the chairmanship of Italy's new far-right prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, signed the decision that concerns irregular migrants and non-governmental organizations and pushes them to death.

At the meeting, the decision banning foreign non-governmental organizations that rescue irregular migrants in the Mediterranean from entering Italian territorial waters was adopted. It was decided to stop the German-flagged "Humanity 1" ship, which saved nearly 180 irregular migrants, by anchoring in the sea outside the Catania Port in Sicily.

Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi told reporters that the German-flagged migrant rescue ship will allow children and those in need of urgent medical attention to come to Sicily, but the ship must then return to international waters with the rest of the migrants. Piantedosi stated that Humanity 1 "forced the situation by entering its territorial waters". While the fate of the other ships was not specified, Minister Piantedosi said that France had indicated that it could accept the "disembarkation" of migrants aboard the Norwegian-flagged Ocean Viking, which was carrying 234 people.

Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations will not be able to enter Italy

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini said in a statement, "As always, we will guarantee rescue and assistance, but we prohibit foreign non-governmental organizations from stopping in Italian territorial waters. I am proud to have signed the resolution. Defending Italy is not a crime, it is a duty." .

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