In the US, corpses will now be turned into compost

In the US, corpses will now be turned into compost

The US state of New York has approved the process of composting dead bodies.

In the US state of New York, corpses can now be turned into compost.

According to the decision, approved by New York Governor Kathy Hochul last Saturday, dead bodies will be turned into compost under the name of "human composting".

In the process, which is thought to be a more environmentally friendly alternative to burying and burning, the corpse is kept in a closed container with special materials such as sawdust, clover and straw for about a month.

After the process, heat is applied to the corpse to prevent the contamination of harmful components, and the resulting soil is given to the relatives of the deceased.

The US state of Washington became the first state to approve the conversion of corpses into compost in 2019. After Washington, the states of Colorado, Oregon, Vermont and California were among the states that approved the "human composting" process.

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