France introduced a 'hunting ban' to protect dolphins

France introduced a 'hunting ban' to protect dolphins

A court in France has upheld a 'hunting ban' in some areas to prevent dolphins from coming ashore.

At least 910 dolphins have washed up on Atlantic shores since the start of the winter season, according to a report published in France. The Pelagis oceanographic observatory said in a report released Friday that more than 400 marine mammals had washed ashore in just one week, the highest number seen in such a short time.

Several non-governmental organizations in France have filed formal complaints, stating that the government is not doing enough to protect endangered species in the Atlantic.

The State Council instructed the government to ban hunting to protect beached dolphins in parts of the Atlantic, following official complaints. The Council of State, which gave 6 months for the creation of no-hunting zones, instructed the government to tighten the monitoring of dolphin injuries during hunting activities.

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