Fearful Moments in New York! 43 Persons Injured, 2 Seriously, In Fire

Fearful Moments in New York! 43 Persons Injured, 2 Seriously, In Fire

It was stated that 43 people were injured, 2 of them seriously, in the fire that broke out in a 37-storey building in New York, USA.

A fire broke out on the 20th floor of a 37-story building in Manhattan, New York. New York Fire Department spokesman Frank Dwyer said in a statement that 43 people, including firefighters, were injured, and 2 of the injured were in serious condition.

One of the victims got stuck in the window. Firefighters managed to save this person after a long struggle.

It was stated that the fire, which started at 10:24 local time on Saturday, was brought under control within an hour as a result of the intervention of dozens of firefighters. One of the 2 people trapped in the fire department was rescued by the firefighters with the help of rope.

In a statement made by the fire department, it was noted that the fire was caused by the ignition of a lithium-ion battery belonging to a scooter.

Fire Chief Dan Flynn said that there were at least five electronic devices in the apartment where the fire broke out, and they guessed that there were device repairs.

Flynn said that there has been an increase in fires caused by such devices working with lithium-ion batteries in recent years, and that 6 people lost their lives in 200 fires this year for the same reason.

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