Experts Have A Date For The Apocalypse! There Could Be a 'Quantum Apocalypse'

Experts Have A Date For The Apocalypse! There Could Be a 'Quantum Apocalypse'

Experts have warned people that there could be a 'Quantum Apocalypse' soon that could reveal everything down to state secrets.

The worry of the 'Quantum Apocalypse' plaguing the world arose when a paper by Chinese researchers suggested that quantum computers could decipher encryption methods that keep people safe online.

While researchers at the University of Chicago explain that they are working on an 'unbreakable' quantum internet, Tim Callan, CEO of cybersecurity company Sectigo, told Dailymail that quantum computers can decrypt the encryption methods we use.

People, Banks and Governments are at Risk

The computers we use today use a system called 'public-key encryption' to protect people's private information.

In this system, your devices such as mobile phones have two keys. One is the public key and the other is the private key.

According to the information in the journal Science; the system uses the public key to protect your private information and converts the information into a very long number. When you want to see this information, the private key comes into play and decrypts the encrypted information.

Quantum Computers Could Take Over Everything

Security expert Callan states that this encryption system is 'unbreakable' for the computers we use today. Saying that any computer should try all means to crack the password, which will take about 300 trillion years, Callan fears that quantum devices will be able to perform this process in a short time.

'Quantum Apocalypse' Could Happen 8 Years Later

This scenario is so worrying that experts call it the 'Quantum Apocalypse' and predict that it could happen in the next 8 to 20 years.

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