Creepy Technology! A South Korean Company Resurrected the Dead

Creepy Technology! A South Korean Company Resurrected the Dead

A South Korean company enabled people who lost their lives to chat with their relatives with the technology it developed. Here are the details of its creepy technology.

A South Korean software company has developed software to reunite people with dead acquaintances.

It Can Imitate the Voice and Gestures of the Deceased

Seoul-based company DeepBrain AI creates a virtual profile of the deceased using video footage, audio recordings, and photos.

The image created with Artificial Intelligence not only imitates the voices and facial expressions of the people who lost their lives, but also answers the questions of the person in front of them and even tells their memories.

There Are Reactions To The Spooky Project

The company claims that the project, which was first introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, will ease the grieving process for people. However, there are reactions to the project.

Some people think that the idea of seeing their deceased loved ones again would be 'creepy'.

Others say the company is using people's pain to make a profit, and it's unethical.

DeepBrain AI business development manager Joseph Murphy admits the service they provide is 'controversial'.

"While most people think it's not real, some like the idea of living like this forever," Murphy told the Dailymail.

Each Meeting is $1200

It costs an average of $1200 each time to take advantage of the virtual chat privilege, which allows people to talk to people they have lost again.

The cost of creating a profile is between $12,000 and $20,000.

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