Cholera Epidemic Reappeared After 3 Years

Cholera Epidemic Reappeared After 3 Years

Three years later, deaths from cholera occurred in Haiti. It was announced that 8 people lost their lives in a neighborhood.

It was reported that 8 people died from cholera disease for the first time in 3 years in Haiti.

In Haiti, where the economic and political crisis is experienced, government officials announced that at least 8 people who contracted cholera lost their lives in the Dekayet region south of the capital Port-au-Prince and the Cite Soleil neighborhood in the south of the capital. Port-au-Prince is ruled by gangs.

Authorities pointed out that these deaths were the first deaths from cholera in the country after 3 years.

Laure Adrien, Undersecretary of the Haitian Ministry of Health, said in a statement that cholera is a disease that can spread very quickly.

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