Blood-curdling event in Austria! 6 small children came out of his cellar and his identity shocked everyone

Blood-curdling event in Austria! 6 small children came out of his cellar and his identity shocked everyone

Six young children were found in the cellar of a 54-year-old man from the Austrian village of Obritz. The man's true identity shocked everyone. Here is the blood-curdling event that the British press talked about the most.

Residents of the village of Obritz, close to the Austrian Czech border, called the police after voices were heard from the basement under 54-year-old Tom Landon's home.

After neighbors claimed that children were crying in the basement at night, the police went to the area and knocked on Tom Landon's door, but the man tried to resist by spraying the police and the social workers who were accompanying them with pepper spray.

6 Little Kids Found! The Smallest Yet 7 Months

While the man was arrested after the clash, 3 girls and 3 boys, the youngest 7 months old and the eldest 7 years old, were found in the cellar of the house.

Social workers took the children to the doctor.

Bought 5 Cellars

It was learned that the person who hid his children in the cellar, which the people in the region used to put their drinks and supplies, had been trying to buy a cellar in the region for a while and therefore disturbed the local people.

Orbitz deputy mayor Erich Greil said the man had previously lived in England and his children were all British-born.

Noting that Landon had bought 5 cellars in the area before, the mayor said, "He obviously wanted to buy one for each of his children."

After their investigation, the authorities determined that the man did not cause any harm to their children, and the prosecution released the man, stating that Landon did not pose any risk to their children.


Lives in The Panel For 9 Months! Full of Food and Weapons.

Published police reports revealed a much more remarkable detail. The 54-year-old man had been living in this basement for 9 months with his 6 children.

The cellar was monitored 24/7 with security cameras connected to solar energy. A large number of foodstuffs and weapons were stocked inside.

A Theorist Writing Doomsday Scenarios

So why was this strange man hiding for months? Or what was he preparing for?

After a short search, British newspapers found the shocking answer to this question. It turns out that Tom Landon is a conspiracy theorist who writes apocalyptic scenarios with several books written by him.

Landon, author of Dirty Justice, the Jewish Principle, and the Destructive Effect of Information Technology on Human Intellectual Development, has frequently criticized the Austrian government in his books.


"They Put Their Nose in Our Business"

The man, who opened the doors of his cellar to the Dailymail newspaper after his release, accused the mayor, police and social workers of "interfering in his work".

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