An incredible survival story of the Dominican man! Drifted at sea for 24 days...

An incredible survival story of the Dominican man! Drifted at sea for 24 days...

A 47-year-old Dominican man named Elvis Francois was swept away by the current. The struggle of the man who was rescued after a struggle for survival at sea for 24 days astonished those who saw it.

In December, Elvis François, who tried to repair a boat in the port of Saint Martin Island in the Caribbean Sea, began to stream.

François, who had no maritime knowledge and dragged at the open sea, could not ask for help because he did not respond to the phone. 47 -year -old François, who was dragged in the sea for days, survived by eating 1 bottle of ketchup, garlic powder and broth tablets for 24 days.

Describing the boat in which the boat in which the man was trying to evacuate the water on the boat with a cloth in his hand until the authorities found it.

He Asked For Help With The Mirror

François, who tries to fire as a help signal but failed, then wrote "Help" to the sailing body. On January 15, the man who used the mirror to reflect the sun's rays on the plane finally managed to attract attention. The crew reported to the Colombian Navy.

François, who has been dragged in the sea for about a month, was rescued by a commercial ship in contact with the navy and brought to the port city Cartagena.

I Survived With Ketchup, Garlic Powder And Broken Tablets

Francis, "Twenty -four days, no land, no one to speak. I did not know what to do, I did not know where I was. There was no food on the boat. There was ketchup, garlic powder. And the broth tablets. I mixed the broth tablets with water. I thought. Thanks to the navy. I wouldn't have told this story without them."

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