An Embarrassing Decision from Poland: Fees Will Be Taken From Ukrainian Refugees

An Embarrassing Decision from Poland: Fees Will Be Taken From Ukrainian Refugees

The Cabinet of Ministers of Poland adopted the bill proposing amendments to the law on aid to Ukrainian refugees. The draft, which will be presented to the parliament in the coming days, contains a decision that does not suit the European Union.

The draft law, which includes amendments to the law on assistance to Ukrainian refugees, prepared by the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administrative Affairs, was approved by the Polish Council of Ministers.

Ukrainian Refugees Will Pay Daily to Stay in Poland

According to the bill, which includes tightening the aid system paid to refugees fleeing the war and paying a part of the living costs in collective shelters by refugees; From 1 March 2023, every Ukrainian refugee who will stay in Poland for more than 120 days will cover 50 percent of the expenses incurred for him/her, not exceeding 40 zlotys (approximately 8.5 euros) per day.


If the residence period exceeds 180 days, he/she will pay 75 percent of the expenses out of his/her own pocket, provided that it does not exceed 12.8 euros per day.

The disabled, children, retirees, pregnant women, children under the age of 12, families with 3 children and those in distress will be exempted from these costs.

According to the draft of the Council of Ministers, if the Ukrainian refugee leaves Poland, the aid given to him/her will be stopped. If he stays outside of Poland for more than 30 days, he/she will lose his right of residence in that country and the benefits he/she has earned.

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