Weekly Horoscope Reviews: 13-19 March 2023

Weekly Horoscope Reviews: 13-19 March 2023

Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces horoscopes for the week of 13-19 March 2023.

When we look at the week in general, if we do not count the weekend, the sky seems to say "not bad".


In general, this week may hold some mind-blowing developments in financial matters for you. In addition, you may experience some difficulties in areas such as your close circle, siblings, situations related to your friends, sibling relations, communication with close circles, friendship relations, short trips, education, non-long-term plans and projects, publishing, marketing, and public relations.


This week, you may enter into very positive positions regarding your social life. However, I can say that you should always be careful about your income, money, material assets, money flow, sense of security, self-confidence, as well as your movable and tangible assets, in short, all your material assets. And starting this week, you should be more careful when talking about career and business matters.


It is very likely that you will receive both positive and negative news about business and career issues this week. You are likely to struggle with issues such as your will, your desires and individuality, your ego and the world you have constructed, your apparent personal preferences, and all of your physical and psychological values that make you who you are and your place in life. Control your social reactions and nerves.


I must say that starting this week, you will enter a long and questioning process, especially in bilateral relations. In addition, this week abroad, foreigners, foreign languages, media, sales and marketing, lecturers, judges, high courts and distant relatives, philosophy, religion, beliefs, questioning life, issues related to meaning, long distance topics are covered. I say pay attention to issues such as travels, dreams, extraordinary issues, social awareness, keeping up with the society, and your academic life.


I would like to say that you are under positive support in career matters this week, but financial crises, death and rebirth issues, alimony that you have to pay or should be paid to you, tax refunds, as well as the financial situation of your spouse, lover, people in your life, fears, on the other hand, joint gains, debts, It is useful to be careful and be as careful as possible on issues such as taxes, surgeries, sexuality and surgeries.


I can say that the subject of love and relationships will be on your agenda this week. In addition, open hostilities, courts, activities carried out with more than one person (business partnerships), written or verbal partnerships, and most importantly, your power of attorney, your lawyer, your spouse, your situation with the person you have a long-term relationship with. You will be open to negative developments.


If I say that you are pregnant with positive developments in matters such as work and colleagues, the hustle and bustle of daily life, working methods, health, diseases, cleanliness, hygiene issues, pets, and areas of interest, this week is just for you. However, I can definitely say that it would be beneficial for you to be more careful and attentive about the service, the people you work with, diseases, colleagues and working environment, and real estate.


This week, especially your love life, passions, entertainment life, short-term relationships, jobs that carry luck and risk, such as stock market, gambling, lottery, art, children, pregnancy, areas that require creativity and topics that you are interested in. your will is put to the test, you can pass a small test on topics such as children, romantic relationships, fashion. But at the weekend, I recommend you to defend yourself a little more, especially in bilateral relations.


The main topic of this week will be about your lifestyle, your father, personal ties, habits, home and family situations and especially the protection of your feelings, developments that may be related to your roots, people very close to you, your immovable properties. your home, your tangible and intangible heritage and your move. It is also possible that you will have difficulty in moving some money in monetary matters.


This week, challenging developments may be waiting for you about your job and colleagues, the hustle and bustle of daily life, working methods, health, diseases, cleaning, hygiene issues and pets, the areas you serve, the people you work with, your colleagues and colleagues. But I can say that he spent very positive times in the fields of friends, close environment and communication.


This week, you are likely to experience some minor problems, especially about money matters and insecurities, secrets, financial and moral imprisonment, tightness and restrictions, secret affairs and relationships, as well as secret enemies, gossip, and the sides you hide. So no matter what, position yourself much more down-to-earth in the face of conversations this week.


This week, you can protect yourself in financial matters and take a step towards positive developments. There doesn't seem to be much of a problem with this. However, you will have some difficulties especially in your love life, passions, entertainment life, short-term relationships, jobs that carry luck and risk such as stock market, gambling, lottery, art, children, pregnancy, areas that require creativity, subjects where your will is tested, children, romantic relationships, fashion. Be careful!

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