Weekly Horoscope: April 10-16, 2023

Weekly Horoscope: April 10-16, 2023

10-16 April 2023 Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces horoscope comments. Get ready for a week that starts well and ends tensely.

We enter this week with the positive aspect of the north and south lunar nodes of Saturn, the planet of discipline moving in Pisces. Also, the positive aspect of Mercury, the communication planet, becomes sharper with Mars, the god of war. And of course, the powerful communication of Venus, goddess of beauty and wealth, with power-mad Pluto is another major celestial event this week. We can say hello to passionate loves at the beginning and after this week. And a serious acceleration in our communication format seems to surprise us.

As the mid-week Moon moves through the discipline sign Capricorn, it will show a wonderful show of love to Uranus and Mercury, which will bring us a breath of fresh air in terms of both awareness and communication in general. Also, the friction of Venus with Saturn can increase the tension noticeably.

In addition to the tension I mentioned over the weekend, it is possible that you will feel pessimistic at the weekend as the Sun will begin to progress in a harsh appearance with Pluto, which has just entered Aquarius.

Weekly Horoscope: April 10-16, 2023

Hello dear Aries. The sky seems very suitable for making short-term plans and especially short trips with your friends and close circle. You should mobilize yourself and your environment in this sense. I also recommend you to pay attention to your blood and blood values in terms of health.

Hello dear Taurus. This week, financial issues and the events that will develop within this framework seem to disturb you a little. On money and its use, “all or nothing!” You can take some precautions. It's good to be careful.

Hello dear Gemini. You will feel much more passionate and determined towards life this week. However, this attitude can tire you in material and spiritual developments. For this reason, it is useful to keep yourself at a point where you can think more rationally and logically as much as possible.

Hello dear Cancers. You may be inclined to spend this week a little more introverted and reckoning with yourself. Of course, this is a positive attitude, but the dose is very important, you should not be unfair to yourself when criticizing and asking for account.

Hello dear Leo. It feels like a week when you can blend in with the crowd and feel better. Don't say, "Oh, I can't meet new people and let someone into my life now." Every person is another world! If you open yourself to people this week, you can gain in every field.

Hello dear Virgos. There are active times in career and career-related matters this week. It is also possible for you to hear confusion and rumors about the renewal of your job and employment contract or about a new job. If possible, pull yourself into a completely neutral place and look at things.

Hello dear Libra. If you have the opportunity this week, you can take good steps in education and improve yourself. It also looks like you will have an enjoyable week presenting, promoting or polishing your business.

Hello dear Scorpions. If you have a problem with government offices or joint earnings, the sky is up for you to solve these problems. In this sense, you can revive yourself and break new ground in old or new titles.

Hello dear Sagittarius. We can say that the main topic of this week will be getting married or reviving your marriage or long-term relationship for you. In this sense, if there is something wrong in your life or if you are going to take new steps, I say think twice and move forward.

Hello dear Capricorn. It seems that your health and working conditions will be the most important return of this week on your front. At this point, I say do your best to overcome the difficulty and maintain the existing one in a stable manner.

Hello dear Aquarius. This week, you may find yourself in interesting developments related to love and relationships. First of all, I would say understand that you are determined and in contact with the right person. It is also useful to be cautious about issues such as stock market and crypto money this week.

Hello dear Pisces. It is clear that you will feel much better in the relations you have established with your family and in matters of house, land, field and land. In this sense, you can regroup yourself and make breakthroughs. I say try to make the right decisions for moving and renovation.

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