They claimed to be powered by sunlight! Phenomenal couple whose babies died of starvation were arrested

They claimed to be powered by sunlight! Phenomenal couple whose babies died of starvation were arrested

Blogger and internet phenomenon living in Russia, Maxim Lyuty, 43, and his 33-year-old wife, Oxana Mironova, were arrested after their one-month-old baby died of starvation.

Maxim Lyuty, who describes himself as a life coach, is known as the propagandist of the Raw Food movement (feeding with raw vegetables and fruits) in Russia. Lyuty and his wife claim that their 'Man Living' club has helped Russians improve their health and solve their personal problems.

They Claim That They Feed By Sunlıght

Another reason why the couple is popular online is that they recently announced that they believe in 'prana' nutrition (sunlight feeding).

While Prana Nutrition is practiced only as a liquid diet in some cultures, it is claimed that the couple fed only sunlight without food or water, thus starving their young babies.

Examination Started When The One-month-old Baby Died

According to the news in Dailymail, the couple's one-month-old son fell ill and was taken to a hospital near Sochi. Doctors diagnosed that the baby had been starving for a long time and was weak from pneumonia.


The baby's death shortly after being hospitalized prompted Russian authorities to take action. Friends and neighbors of the couple were shocked as the Russian Investigative Committee launched an investigation into the baby's death.

"His Wife Used To Come To Our House And Eat Secretly"

One of the couple's neighbors told the Russian media that the man forced his wife to eat like him and that the pregnant woman came to their house in the middle of the night to eat secretly.

Another person who knew Maxim Lyuty noted that the man's behavior for a long time was strange, claiming that the couple decided to feed the baby from the sunlight, so the mother did not breastfeed the baby.

Sentenced to House Arrest

While the images of Maxim Lyuty and his wife at the police station drew attention in both the Russian and world press today, the security forces announced that the baby was born at home and the investigation continues.

The punishment to be given to the couple, who has been under house arrest for 2 months, is eagerly awaited.

Source: Daily Mail

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