Stranger Things Star David Harbor Reveals How He Lost Weight

Stranger Things Star David Harbor Reveals How He Lost Weight

David Harbor, who gave life to the character of Jim Hopper in the Stranger Things series published on Netflix, signed scenes that surprised not only Joyce but also the audience in the 4th season. Let's take a look at the scene and its details.

Among the many surprise developments in Stranger Things 4, the most talked about topic was the weight lost by David Harbor, who gave life to Jim Hopper in the series. Harbor, who was heavier in the first 3 seasons of the series, explained how he lost weight for the last season of the series.

In season 4 of Stranger Things, the scene where Hopper undresses in front of Joyce and the viewer sees the dramatic load on his body of recent events impressed many viewers dramatically, but Hopper's weight loss and abs were the most talked about.

Handsome actor Dadiv Harbor talked about Hopper's undressing details, one of the turning points of the season, on his Instagram account and how the change in his body came about.

"When I took my shirt off, I wanted to reveal this prison-hardened body, you know, a leaner man who wasn't eating badly but also not eating well," Actor Harbor recently wrote on Instagram.

Losing weight by working with trainer and physiotherapist David Higgins, Harbor explained that he started the weight loss process with simple activations before shooting the series, continued with kettbell training and routinely did cardio. On the other hand, she said she did intermittent fasting on the nutritional side and it really worked.

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