Medieval Skeletons Found Under a Shop in Wales

Medieval Skeletons Found Under a Shop in Wales

Archaeologists examining the remains of a medieval monastery have found more than 240 human skeletons in Haverfordwest, Wales, United Kingdom.

More than 240 human skeletons dating from the Middle Ages have been found in Wales, one of the four countries of the United Kingdom in Great Britain.

Archaeologists have found human skeletons during excavations under an old store in Haverfordwest, Wales.

Human bones were found during excavations under the century-old store called Ocky White, which closed in 2013.

The ruins under the shop are thought to belong to the Monastery of St Savior, which was founded by Dominican monks in 1256.

Andrew Shobbrook, excavation site manager at the Dyfed Archaeological Foundation, said the monastery is a complex structure with dormitories, offices, stables and an infirmary.

Shobbrook said in a statement; ''This is a very prestigious place to be buried. There are graves of different people, from the richest to ordinary people."

Archaeologists involved in the excavation estimate that the cemetery was used until the beginning of the 18th century. It was also reported that about half of the skeletons found belonged to children.

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